Monday, June 25, 2007

Bitter Sweet

I know this was a little bit ago but I have been forgetting to post it! I got together with some of my cohort friends that I graduated with for lunch. It was really great to see everyone again. It is bitter sweet because we are all going our separate ways. Taryn (next to me) is moving to California where her husband got a job, Alisa (on the left) is getting married in July, Emily and Taryn are expecting babies in the fall and then Alisa and I have teaching jobs for the fall as well! So this was probably one of the last times to be together. These girls are so much fun and I am glad to have gotten to know them as much as I did! We went to lunch at Magleby's Fresh (Love it!) and then I introduced them to my new favorite snack. The Apple Pie Carmel Dipped Apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (I'm not sure thats the real name of it but its something like that!) It was tons of fun!

Camp Shalom!

Girls Camp was so much fun! I am so glad I got to go as a leader. I think its almost more fun as a leader cause I didn't have to do any of the certification stuff! This camp is so much more intense than when I was in YW. Each girl had responsibility of building a fire for an assigned meal (we made all our own meals as a ward) and sometimes we were waiting for like 20 minutes before a fire was started. Every girl at some point had cooking duty, dish duty, fire duty, biffy duty (the bathrooms are called biffies, not quite sure why!) I really got to know the girls during camp and loved being with them. My favorite parts of camp was hiking, the canoes (though some girls "fell out" of their canoes and got in big trouble, but it was pretty funny!), singing across the lake at night with another stake on the other side, marshmellows over the campfires, the faith walk and all the chants and songs that you sing at Girls Camp! Here are pictures of the canoe races we had, some of the girls in my cabin, sitting and waiting for dinner to be ready, and my third years and me on the hike! It was so dusty there, we just got so dirty. To make it worse we had no hot water. Most of us, including me, didn't take a shower the whole time! I also had the problem of blending in as one of the girls, I was constantly explaining that I was a leader and not one of the girls!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Prep for Girls Camp!

Idid not know how much work it took to put Girls Camp together until I have had to plan for it! We have a wonderful camp director who has put so much work into this. I am in charge of the 3rd years and therefore had the responsibility to come up with decorations for our camp site. The theme this year for our stake is "Journey To The Son". So our ward decided to focus on the signs and billboards that we see along the way directing us in different ways. So I made roadsigns that will be mounted to wooden posts to stick around our camp! It has taken so much time but I think I am ready! I guess I better be because we are leaving tomorrow! Unfortunatly I had the 3rd years help me put them together and many of them didn't glue them very straight! But thats ok, they still turned out great. So here are pics of what I came up with. Also there are im purple borders because our ward chose integrity as our color so we have purple shirts and purple signs!

Friday, June 15, 2007

My cute Husband

Yesterday I had to work until about 6:30 and so on the way out the door to work I told him that I wasn't sure what to do for dinner since I had visiting teacher coming over at 7:00 and I wouldn't have time to do much. So on my way home from work he calls and says "Hurry home, I have dinner in the oven!" When I got home he had made a casserole and the table was all set! It was the cutest thing to see him have everything ready right when I got home. That was so nice to come home to. I asked him where he got the recipe cause I didn't recognize it as anything I have made before. He said he just looked on the internet and found it and we had everything that it called for! It was really good so I even wrote the recipte down to make it again! Matthew is so helpful and he just does things like this that make me smile!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Line Dancing

I am the beehive advisor in my ward and absolutly love it! For one of the midweek activities they wanted to learn how to dance. So I taught them how to line dance! Well about a week later one of the beehives asked me if I would come to her middle school to teach line dancing. They were having a big country dance party the last day of school and wanted me to come teach the 6th, 7th and 8th graders! So on Friday I had to take off work and go to their school. It was so fun! I was impressed how both guys and girls were willing to learn. They caught on quick!! They had a lot of fun and we even had a competition bewteen the guys and girls and from my view they tied! Anyway it was so cool to see all these young kids just trying so hard to be coordinated and get the rhythm! It was just such a fun experience!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


So I was in Costo yesterday by myself for only one purpose--to pick up pictures at the photo center. Which I just found out that you can send in your pictures online and then in an hour pick them up for the same awesome price. I used to have to go inside, drop off pics and then come back in an hour. So I was really excited to learn that they do it online. Points for Costco!! So that was really my only reason for going and that is even near the very front of the store. But then I thought about the samples they always have in the food section. So yes, I really did walk all the way over to the gocery area just to check. And to my delight there were samples all over!! So I made my way through the asiles just to try all of them. So what was suppost to be a very short drop in to Costco turned into a hunt to see if I had tested everything they were sampling. Anyway it was just really fun and random and I thought I would share!