Friday, July 30, 2010


I seem to always have a few projects going on at once so it's exciting when one gets done! Here are a couple of things I have completed recently. First is a bean bag chair for Austin. I had a crafty friend help me with it. It was a very fun project and I picked out the fabric to match Austin's room. One thing I found is that bean bag stuffing is very pricey. So I improvised and stuffed it with some packing peanuts from the post office! It actually works quite well as long as Matthew or I don't try to cannon ball onto it. Austin loves his new chair!

Second I made a quilt! As Matthew and I were cleaning things out while getting ready to move we found we had a lot of BYU shirts. However, I couldn't bear to just get rid of them since they all have memories attached to them. So I decided to save them by making a T-shirt quilt. I have never quilted before and the task seemed very daunting at first. But from carefully studying some tutorials online and getting advice from the ladies at the fabric store I was able to put it together! It's not going on my bed or anything, it's more for going on a picnic or spreading out on the grass, but its so fun to look at all the shirts and remember our BYU days.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family Visit

My family came to visit a couple weeks ago! It was nice to show them where we live now. We went swimming, shopping, went to an art museum and mostly just hung out and played with Austin. He loved all the extra attention. But it was great to see the fam again. All my little sisters are growing up! I'm so glad they made the trip out to AZ.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday Boy

Austin turned one on Sunday! My baby boy is growing up! We celebrated his birthday by opening presents and then going to our cousin's house for cupcakes. Austin loves all his new toys. I couldn't even get a picture of his face because he was so into all his new stuff. At age one, here are the things we love about Austin:
-sleeps through the night
-weighs 24 pounds and is 30 inches tall
-has two teeth
-favorite foods are bananas and yogurt
-crawls all over the place
-loves to babble and talk
-stands up next to furniture
-loves bath time every night
-has long blonde curls on the back of his head
-loves songs, reading books, and peek-a-boo
-can dance, blink, snap(well tries to),wave and give hugs on command
-loves to play with rocks and sand
-says Mama
-just started to figure out how to feed himself

He wasn't so sure about the cupcake at first but he warmed up pretty fast. He like eating it but also loved crumbling it between his fingers!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Austin's New Favorite Thing

Standing! He loves to pull himself up to stand. He pulls himself up on everything. This is how I find him every morning and after naptime.
He especially loves to pull himself up next to the bathtub. He is also starting to get into everything that is within his reach. Sometimes when he is standing he will let go and be balancing all by himself before falling down! There's no walking yet but I bet it will come soon enough.