Sunday, May 13, 2012

Father and Son

Last weekend Matthew and Austin got to go on their first father and sons camp out.  It was the perfect weekend since Matthew didn't have a test the following Monday like he usually does. This is the first time Austin has been camping and he was so excited.  Almost too much so in the fact that he wouldn't take a nap that day. Matthew said Austin was great and really fun the whole time.

 I guess his favorite parts were going to go look for sticks and hanging out inside the tent.  He thought the tent was the coolest thing ever and thought the sleeping bags were such a novelty. I guess he would always come inside the tent and lay down on the sleeping bag just because he thought it was so cool.  He also loves flashlights and loved being able to use his in the dark.

  When it was time for bed Matthew took Austin inside the tent, read him the books I packed and then they both laid down and Austin went to sleep.  I was a little worried that it wouldn't go as smoothly.  However,  Austin did wake up a 4:30am ready to get up and play! Poor Matthew. So they got up and looked for more sticks until everyone else got up.

I'm so glad Matthew took these pictures for me to see!  I love seeing them have so much fun together.  Kensley and I had some great girl time while they were gone which included root beer floats, sewing, sleeping in, and cuddling. 

Monday, May 07, 2012

3 Months

Our little Kensley is 3 months now.  I can't believe she is that old already!  She has developed so much already and just gets cuter every day.  Her biggest milestone so far is that she has started to roll over. She doesn't do it all the time, but I did get it on video and she has done it several times since.  She is really starting to get interested in toys and is getting good at focusing and watching things.  She also loves to stare at Austin whatever he is doing.

She loves to give us lots of smile but I have yet to capture it on camera! She also has started to coo and use her voice.  I love it when she looks right at me and then seems to tell me a whole story in coos and noises.  Austin still loves her sister but he loves to get a reaction out of her whenever he hugs or kisses her which usually results in him being too hard and her crying.  He seems to just love that she reacts to him. But too bad he enjoys the negative reactions.

I just took Kensley to the doctor today because she is tongue tied just like Austin. I took her in so young because she still isn't a great eater and I am wondering if she is having to work too hard with that tongue.  The doctor said yes, she is pretty tied down and needs to get it clipped and since she is so young we could do it right in the office with some numbing medicine. Ok. He leaves to go get some paperwork and I am telling Austin that Kensley has to get her tongue fixed soon just like he did.  When he doctor gets back he is all gloved up ready to go!  I had no idea he meant lets do this right now!  So Kensley sits right on my lap and with the help of a nurse to hold her still, Austin is sitting right next to me just watching the whole thing and the doctor does it.  Of course she screams which breaks my heart but she really recovered very quickly and seems to be eating fine without any pain.  

It really is so fun having a little girl around!  I feel like we are finally figuring out her schedule.  She is taking 4 naps a day with one of them being a nice 2-3 hour nap.  I love having a schedule and knowing what to plan around. I think we are past the hardest point of adjusting.  She still gets up 2 times during the night to eat and gets up around 6am on the dot with Austin. Funny how both my kids do that.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Jenna's Visit

Over Easter weekend, my twin sister was able to come visit!  She lives in Kansas and so we really don't see each other that often.  We had been planning this visit for months and so I'm so glad we  finally made it happen!  She and her two kids stayed with us for a week and we were able to do a lot with them here.  Austin loved having some quality cousin time too.  He literally followed Cade around the whole week and did whatever he did.  He was like Cade's shadow the entire week.  Here was our week in pictures:

We do an art class with some friends and this week was at our house.  Cade is only 18 months older than Austin but he was definitely far advanced in all the fine moter skills we did. It was fun to see him actually make the intended projects whereas Austin just likes to play around with the glue stick! And I love how he likes to write his name on everything.

At the Easter festival at Matthew's school.  Once again, Austin was terrified of the Easter Bunny.

 Our good friend Melissa! We were all roommates in college and now Melissa's husband and mine happen to be going to the same medical school and live right next to each other.  So it was fun for Jenna to spend time with Melissa too.

 Jenna got in some good Kensley time!

While kids were sleeping we watched lots of Downton Abbey and made matching maxi skirts!  It was so very fun to work on a project together.

 We do a little preschool with some friends and this week was also at my house so here we were all playing doctor with all of Austin's "sick" stuffed animals.  They all loved it!

Dying Easter eggs. We actually did this Monday morning since we ran out of time on Easter Sunday.  They really got the hang of it and all did a great job.

We went to the Children's museum in Phoenix and the kids just loved it.  Here, Austin and Cade were running through the noodle forest!  We all had a blast there.

 Melissa and Madison came with us to the Museum. Here we all are doing a craft in the art room.

 Austin and Cade watching their favorite movie: Cars

 Playing trains together.   They really played so well together all week long.

We walked up to Matthew's campus for a music class and then stopped for a ride on this swing.  Cute Cousins.

Twins with girls!

The boys at the Easter carnival waiting for the Easter egg hunt.  

 Enjoying the spoils after the egg hunt.

Playing at the pool.  Austin literally did anything Cade did. It was pretty cute to watch.

 Kensley at the pool

 Rylee in all cuteness

Twin picture

I'm so glad they were all able to come!  We had such a good time and the week flew by so quick!  I already want to get together again.