Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cedar City

I know I am a little behind but things have been so busy now since school has started for me but I will post about that later. The weekend before I started working Matthew and I drove down to Cedar City with a couple, Kevin and Brooke, who are in Matthew's chemistry class. They are so fun and we have enjoyed getting to know them this past semester. We stayed at Brooke's parents house which is probably the most amazing house I have ever seen! They live on the top of a mountain and the house is complete with an indoor lap pool, 2 sauna's, a home theatre room, and an amazing game room. The whole house is just very ornate especially all the woodword and crown molding. I loved the layout of the house but it was so big that I sometimes got lost! Anyway they had 4 wheelers and jet skis that we played with all weekend. It was such a nice getaway. We had so much fun. Matthew did awesome waterskiing! He got up every time and stayed up for a while. Me on the other hand had a little more trouble but still had tons of fun. I did the best on the tube. I held on for a long time and when I was finally thrown off, it was such a hard landing that I almost lost my swimsuit bottoms!! They fell down to my ankles and fortunatly I was able to retrieve them and pull them back up. Here are some pics of us 4 wheeling, playing at the lake and also they had a hummungbird feeder in the backyard and had literaly 30 hummingbirds all huddled around. But for some reason they must have known when I brought out my camera, cause they would all fly away!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

Last weekend Kayla stayed with us after finishing a week at BYU for EFY. It was such a fun and packed weekend. We picked her up at 6:45am on Saturday at her dorms. Then we went out to breakfast while she told us all about EFY. Then we decided to go floating down the Provo River. We went all over town and apparently no one in Orem sells water shoes. So we decidied to chance it and wear flip flops. The river was so fun! Matthew was on a tube and Kayla and I shared one. Good thing we did that cause I don't think Kayla would have made it on her own. She didn't quite get the paddling thing to move away from rocks and trees! The water was cold but still bearable. Some parts were just so relaxing and calm and other parts had some good rapids. The only fatality we had was Kayla's flipflop that she lost in the water! We were able to save it once, but the second time the current was so strong we couldn't get to it. We took a lot of pictures on the river but once we got on the water we used a underwater camera to be safe and I don't have them developed yet. Later that night we went to a wedding reception for my friend Alisa (You have probably seen her in some of my other blog pics.) She looked so pretty and I'm glad I went. Since we were in Salt Lake City we walked around beautiful temple square and took pictures! Kayla is quite the photographer! Sunday, Kayla went to church with us and that was really fun since I am in the Young Womens. That afternoon Kayla made her famous cookies for us. Then we had dinner over at Matthew's grandparents and games later at my grandparents! It was so fun having Kayla with us and she is now exactly my height! I can't believe that. I have come to realize that I will probably be the shortest Black girl since 2 of my sisters have surpassed me and another one is very close!