Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fun-End-of- the-Year Projects

I have 4 days of school left! We have been doing some fun, but still educational activities at school this past week. I had the kids bring in some cardboard and fabric to make books. They all wrote stories along with a dedication page, copyright page and an "About the Author" page. Then we sewed the pages together and used the cardboard covered by fabric to make a front and back cover. It was so fun to watch my kids sew! I have to say many of my boys were better than the girls! I haven't gotten pictures yet but they are coming out really cute! We also have been reviewing symmetry and patterns in math by creating tessellations. Here are some pictures of my favorites. Also, we made class shirts where every student could draw a picture of themselves so that the whole class is represented on everyone's shirt!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today Matthew and I celebrate our 3rd anniversary! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband. He is always so thoughtful and caring. He is always taking such good care of me and there are just so many reasons why I love him!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The time has come again. Some friends and I do this swap thing where we each get assigned a person and we send them a little something and then blog about it to show what we got. I got my gift from Alisa. It was so perfect. It's a gift certificate to get a pedicure! I am so excited to use it. I love having pedicured toes in the summertime! Since I have been pregnant my feet have just really hurt and feel ugly. I now can't even reach them and breathe at the same time! So this was an awesome idea. Thanks Alisa!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Things to Look Forward to...

1. Well first of all there are only 3 weeks of school left! We have finished end of year testing so I am trying to be creative in the things I teach so my students will still be attentive. I can feel that they are really antsy for summer! But I have some fun things planned for the end of the year so I am excited to get to them all.
2. Its finally getting warm and staying warm. I have had spring fever so bad this year! I usually never have complaints whether its summer or winter but this season I have been waiting and waiting for the sun to stay out! So yay for the summer season!
3. For Mother's Day, since I am officially a mother for the first time, Matthew had a surprise for me. But here is a little background: My best friend, Alexi, is getting married this July and I am suppose to be a bridesmaid at it but will be having a baby around the same time and therefore will not be able to travel to Texas. So Matthew is flying her to Utah!! She will be in town the week of my baby shower and birthday! I am so excited! And to make things better, Jenna will also be in Utah that week. I don't know the last time the three of us have been able to hang out together! The last time Alexi came to Utah she came the day Cade was born. It was pretty great timing to say the least. I will definitely be looking forward to the end of June. (Thanks Alexi for agreeing to come amidst all of your wedding planning and thanks to Matthew for such a creative, awesome idea!)
4. Baby in July! Our baby is so active. He just loves to kick and poke me all during the night! We are now planning the baby's rooms and trying to get everything ready. I am just so curious to see what he looks like!! And no, we have not picked out a name yet. We have some picked out we like but are still very open to ideas!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Excited for our Little Boy

I am now in my third trimester! I have really started to notice all the cute little boy things there are and am very excited to put together his room. Matthew and I are very pumped for our little boy to come! Not really the best picture, but I know I am overdue for posting a belly shot.

At school the other day, my class was very, very noisy and just not focusing on what we were doing in class. They had wasted so much of my time during the day that I kept them in for recess to finish an assignment that we had run out of time for. Now you have to know that I never take recess away. I feel it is very important for kids to get time to go out and be outside to take a break from the classroom. But I was so frustrated from having to stop teaching all day long to discipline that I decided to still get through my lesson plans even if it took recess time.
So during recess while my class is all inside working, the principal comes in my class and says, "You are not having recess today?" I explained the situation and then she said, "Ok, well I need to talk to you in the office." So I had another teacher watch my class as I walked down to the office (longest walk of my life!). I thought I was in trouble or something. So we talked about how end of level testing was going and such but nothing really super important.
Then the bell rings for recess to be over and as I am walking back to my class, I notice my classroom door is closed and the lights are off. I'm thinking, Oh no,my class is running rambunctiously around in the classroom. I opened the door to hear, "SURPRISE!!" My class threw me a surprise baby shower!! Three girls in my class had planned it all and their moms were there to help. They planned baby games, had treats prepared, and had gifts for me!! I was totally shocked!! That totally explained their behavior all day!! They were just excited and couldn't focus on school work. The whole class knew about it for weeks and no one spilled the beans at all. So I guess one of the moms saw me in the classroom during recess and told the principal to come get me out so they could prepare. Anyway, I have a great class and they totally surprised me. Needless to say we were done learning for the day.