Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Last night around midnight, both Matthew and I were awake after putting Austin back to sleep when he woke up crying. Anyway, all of a sudden we see this bright light outside. It lasted for about 3 seconds but it was so bright! It was like a bright white spotlight shining in our window. We were a little freaked out about it but in the morning we found out on the news that there was a little meteor shower over Utah during the night. I wish I would have been outside to see it but I still think it's pretty cool to have seen the flash from it. Apparently the flash lit up the whole sky as if it were daytime for a few seconds. Pretty cool!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We Have Laughter

Austin gives us so many smiles now! We love them. We also love his little laughs which we don't get as often. But we caught him on tape giving us some laughs!

Monday, November 02, 2009


We had a great Halloween weekend! On Friday we went to a ward Halloween Party. It was so fun to see all the great costumes. My favorite are the themed costumes! It was Austin's first Halloween. He went as a dragon, I was a princess and Matthew was a knight. Austin was the cutest dragon I have ever seen! My friend Betsy rents costumes out of her basement so we were able to find everything in one place! Thanks Betsy!
On Saturday we went to my grandparents in the afternoon for our annual Halloween party. The Allens always put on superb Halloween parties. My cousin Paul arranged for us to do a Murder Mystery. We all had a different character to dress up as and to act as. We had to try to find out who was the murderer. Ciera ended up guessing correctly which was ironic because her character was a fortune teller! The murderer was Austin (my cousin Daniel's friend) not to be confused with my Austin! Then we decorated cookies which is always a big hit! Later that night we went over to Aubrey and Jon's house to make haunted houses and pass out candy to trick-or-treaters!
Austin and our neighbor's cute baby girl dressed up as Tinkerbell

Our Medieval Family

Austin giving his best Dragon roar!

Ciera dressed at a "Mystic Advisor" and Jenne as a NY Times Reporter at the Murdery Mystery

Matthew was dressed at a rich, mean business man and I was his wife. Notice Genevieve in the background!

My cookie!

Ciera's amazing cookie!

Matthew's very unique cookie!

I really liked Gen's cookie!

Grandpa's awesome witch hat cookies!

Matthew's haunted coffin

Aubrey's haunted spider house! The Graff's are so much more creative than me! My haunted house looked more like a Christmas gingerbread house!