Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Matthew and I were able to spend Thanksgiving with Jenna and Cole this year. We each drove out and met in Pagosa Springs, CO and stayed at a cute lodge with a fully equip kitchen. It was so nice to see Jenna, Cole and Cade. Cade has grown up so much! We really didn't do much sightseeing, but instead the boys played video games and the girls did crafty things and cooked. And we all played with Cade!
For Thanksgiving dinner Jenna and I split up who was in charge of cooking everything and we had a feast! One funny thing though, Jenna rolled out and cut the roll dough into crescents the morning of Thanksgiving and then we were finding warm places for them to rise like on top of the dryer, stove and such before cooking them. Well two days after Thanksgiving day when we were all getting ready to leave, we decided to do some laundry. Well Jenna opens the door to the laundry area and low and behold we had one pan of rolls still rising!! They had actually stopped rising and were quite gross by then. But it was a funny site.
So my computer is being dorky and is not letting me post pictures at the moment. So we will see if I can get them up sometime.