Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Weekend

I love productive weekends and this was a very productive weekend! Since I get up at 6am everyday I guess my body is used to that so even on the weekends I wake up that early. I try to sleep in but oh well. I got so much done on Saturday! I had a ton of grading to catch up on especially since the term is coming to an end this week and I have parent-teacher conferences on Thursday (scary!) I did a lot of school stuff as well as laundry and Matthew put up some stuff on the walls that I have been wanting to rearrange. Also I have kind of been stressing about what to be for Halloween since I guess all the teachers at my school go all out for Halloween. And I just really don't get into it that much. So Matthew and I went to the costume store to get some ideas. I couldn't believe how scandelous everything was! Definitly not appropiate for the elementary classroom. But right as they were closing I found a Princess Fiona costume. It came with a very modest purple princess dress and Shrek ears! So I think I might go with that plus it would be a good costume for an elementary school. To add to the weekend we went to the BYU game with my old roommates on Saturday. At first it was cold but slightly sunny, then it kept getting darker and darker until we watched from across the field the rain just come sweeping in! It was pouring! So good thing we were kind of prepared with hoods and gloves. But then all that rain turned to snow! It quickly became blizzard conditions and our Cougars still won by a long shot! It was fun to be in the first snow storm of the season, however we all were numb, wet and parked a long ways away. We decided to walk to Jan's house and have hot chocolate until all the game traffic died down. But it was quite the experience. Late that night while the boys were watching a baseball game Jenna and I got together with our roommates and played games (which took forever cause we would talk and laugh a lot and forget whose turn it was !) On Sunday I finally had time to do some scrapbooking which has been long put off, but right as I was glueing down my first picture, my glue ran out! Out of all times to run out!! But luckily I called Jenna and she had some I could borrow, so I finished one of my roommate pages (shows how far behind I am!) To top of the weekend, I get to sleep in tomorrow (if I can) because I have a substitute in my class while I go to a training not too far away from Orem!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Baby Shower

This weekend I hosted a baby shower for Jenna. It was a lot of fun and ended really showering pretty hard that morning. I couldn't really take a lot of pictures but my cousin took a lot of pictures that she is going to give me so there will be more coming! A lot of Cole's family came that I had never met before so it was fun to meet all of them. We played baby games, had fruit and coffee cake muffins and of course opened gifts!! Jenna got a lot of good loot for "Jole" (The combined name of Jenna and Cole--not the real name for the baby, just a nickname!) It was all so tiny!! I had fun picking out outfits and little shoes! Anyway the baby shower was a lot of fun and thanks to everyone who came! There is a picture of the invitations I made and a pic of Jenna and I right after the shower.