Monday, February 17, 2014

Kensley Turns 2

Kensley's birthday was at the end of January.  I can't believe she is two! I'm so sad I don't have any really good pictures of her birthday.  I brought my good camera with us to Texas but I forgot the charger.  So it is now dead and I can't do anything about it until we go back to Utah (which is a couple of weeks away)  Phone pictures will have to do.
She woke up to birthday pancakes with candles.  Then we went to the book store to get her a new book.  She loves books right now and could read them all day so I thought it would be fun to let her pick out a new one.  Some of our books we have read so many times that she can open it and say every page by herself.  We just happened to get to the book store just in time for story time in the children's section.  That was a fun surprise that Austin and Kensley both enjoyed.

Then at dinner when my parents, Matthew and my little sister, Alyssa were all able to be there we opened presents and had cupcakes.  She loved the attention, all the singing to her and of course the cupcakes.

 Singing and Cupcakes

 Riding her new bike

 Austin helping Kensley open her new Cinderella legos

 Austin and I making cupcakes while Kensley naps.

Kensley is growing up so much.  Here are the things we are loving about her right now.
-She is talking in full sentences
-She wants to be doing anything Austin is doing.
-Books are her favorite toys
-She has discovered princesses! Rupenzel and Cinderella are her favorites
-She wants to be so independent with everything.  Sometimes tantrums follow when she can't do something exactly how she wants it done.
-Chapstick has become her favorite thing to carry around. She loves that she can take the lid off, put some one and out the lid back on all by herself. 
- Shoes are another one of her favorite things.  She loves trying on everyone's shoes.
- She loves playing and laughing with Austin.  She is pretty good about sharing and taking turns with him.
-She has such a cute and sweet personality.  She's a keeper!

Other cute, recent pictures: