Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Halloween 2014

We had a great Halloween season this year.  The kids wanted to be superheros this year.  Austin wanted to be Flash and Kensley just wanted to be a "girl super hero".  So I introduced her to Wonder Woman and she loved it. Costumes were easy to make this year too and that is always a plus!

They were so looking forward to trick or treating this year.  Luckily the weather was so nice and not that chilly.  Kensley was pretty shy at the doors but Austin knew what to say.  We got quite the load of candy!  During trick or treating, Kensley got some candy that was in a wrapper with the Frozen characters on it.  She would not put it in her bag bacause she wanted to hold it in her hand to make sure she could keep it.  Cute girlie. 

My sister Kayla and I ran the Haunted Half Marathon the week before Halloween.  We dressed up at Bat Girls and it was so fun to run it together.  It was a beautiful run down Provo Canyon. And to top it off we both beat our previous times.  Woo hoo!  Matthew and the kids came to watch us cross the finish line which was so nice to see at the end.  The kids loved watching all the different people in costumes running. :)

Other festivities included pumpkin painting.  Our kids don't really like to get involved in the carving process but they sure love to paint.  So they each painted a few different pumpkins.