Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas 2013

This year Christmas was so fun being in TX with my parents. It also get so fun when the kids are getting older to "get" the whole idea of Christmas morning.

Here is everyone--my kids and my two youngest sisters-- lined up on the stairs waiting to see what Santa brought. :)

So fun to see all their faces!

Kensley's favorite gift were her new sparkly shoes

Austin's was his new bike!

Other fun festivities: Our ward party was A Night in Bethlehem theme and the kids were so excited to dress up as Mary and Joseph. 

 Austin and I made roll out sugar cookies while Kensley took a nap one afternoon before Christmas. Austin loves to help cook and he did such a great job!

His cookie cutter of choice was an airplane only because we didn't have a car shape. :)

This was our Christmas Sunday picture

Matthew had been working about 3 hours away the whole month of December. We only saw him when we drove up on the weekends.  But he worked a half day on Christmas Eve and then was able to stay with us the rest of the Christmas break.  It was so nice to have him around.  The kids sure loved spending time with him. We had such a great holiday season being with so much family.