Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We're So Glad When Daddy Comes Home...

After being away for 3 solid months, Matthew has come back!  Life is just so much better when we are all together!   I can't tell you how happy Austin, Kensley and I are to have him with us.  Matthew is also very happy to be back with us :)  He had some good experiences at the hospitals he worked at and now gets to spend 3 months working in Salt Lake City.  Since Matthew has been back we have some some fun family outings together.  Our time in Utah is limited so we are trying to do as many fun things as we can.

First we made a trip to BYU campus.  I love being back on campus! So many fun and happy memories there.  We mostly just walked around, saw some of the new things they have done to campus and shopped a little bit at the bookstore but I loved it!  My little sister Kayla is a junior at BYU this year and she was able to meet up with us for dinner at the CougarEat.  She even skipped a class to meet up with us. So fun to hang out with her. She just tried out for the BYU ballroom team this past week and made it!! So happy and excited for her!

The new Cosmo statue on campus

Got matching BYU hats at the bookstore

We visited the classroom where we first met!  This was a Latin ballroom class.  Sooo many memories :)

Last weekend we went to the Chalk Festival at the Riverwoods in Provo.  They had one whole parking lot full of artists drawing pictures on the ground out of chalk.  So cool!  There were some amazing pictures.  They also had  live bands playing, vendors, food and just a fun atmosphere.  We walked and admired all the chalk drawings, listened to music, and window shopped.  It was a spur of the moment decision to go but it turned out to be such a great family outing.

My kids adding their pictures to the awesome chalk drawings

Funny story.  We decided to get Kensley's face painted.  She thought it was make-up and wanted it on. So we asked the lady to do a flower.  Kensley sat so still the whole time and was loving getting make-up on.  However, this is what we got...

Really?!  Matthew and I couldn't stop laughing!  We had imagined a small flower on her cheek.   Nope, we got flower face.  And what is with that tiny extra petal on the side? Poor girl had to wear that the rest of the night.  

Check out those awesome chalk pictures in the background ( and my cute kids!) 

Yesterday for Family Night we decided to go up to the canyon before it gets too cold.  It was such a beautiful night and smelled like Christmas pine.  I think the kids could have thrown rocks into the water for hours if we let them.  We brought brownies and just enjoyed the mountain air.