Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This year for Easter my twin sister Jenna and her kids were able to come down to visit! ( A whole post will be dedicated to that!)  But I wanted to share the Easter pictures that we took.  Jenna made the dresses for our girls!  I was way impressed with them and love how they turned out.  I made the bows ( not nearly as impressive) and then we were both frantically finishing the boys' ties Sunday morning!  I love how they are all matching and it was so nice to get pictures with all the cousins together!

We never got one of Jenna and I together because we were trying too hard to get these all taken and be on time to church!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Around Here

Things have been pretty up and down around here.  We are adjusting to having two kids right in the middle of the hardest semester of school yet. ( I feel like I keep saying we are in the hardest semester but this one really tops them all!) We have good days and bad days as well as good nights and bad nights.  Some of our ups have been Kensley starting to smile, Austin still loving her to pieces, nice weather park days and Matthew scoring well on tests.  Some of our downs have been Kensley getting a bad cold,  still getting up 2-3 times every night and Matthew being gone so so much.   That's just our life these days but the good thing is all our 'down' things are very temporary and will come to an end. Yay!  We also enjoyed General Conference this weekend which was a good spiritual boost.  I feel like I have lacked in taking as many picture of Kensley at this age as I did with Austin but here are a few from recently.

We had a fun St. Patty's party at the park with some friends.  Austin was also wearing green but ran when then camera was brought out. Thanks Alexi for Kensley's green outfit!

Austin wanted both of them to lay down with blanket and stuffed animals. 

Sitting on Daddy's lap

 Enjoying the park