Thursday, December 10, 2009

Need a gift idea?

Jenna and I love being crafty. We finally put our projects on Etsy and it has been very fulfilling.

Check out our Etsy store for a fun Christmas gift idea!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thanksgiving Break

Last week for Thanksgiving we drove to Colorado to meet up with Jenna and Cole. We did this last year and has so much fun we decided to do it again! We stayed in a cute little town up in the mountains called Estes Park. Ciera came along with us and we had such a great time! Mostly the boys played video games, Jenna and I did crafty things and Ciera did a little of both! We also made our own Thanksgiving dinner. We had the tiniest kitchen but we were still able to make pies, a turkey, mashed potatoes, yams and lots of other yummies. Cade and Austin were friendly for about 2 minutes until they each wanted the full attention of all the adults. Also, Austin started teething that week which led to a few sleepless nights. But overall I am so thankful we were able to meet up with family for the break!