Sunday, April 28, 2013

Phoenix Botanical Gardens

We did this awhile ago, when it wasn't quite as hot as it is now but I have been forgetting to post it.  We went with some good friends who had some passes to the Botanical Gardens.  It wasn't as much garden as it was cactus.  But that's what you can expect living in Arizona.  We all liked the little nature hikes we went on and the cool plants we saw.

The kids standing in front of a huge Saguaro 

 Looking at the wildflowers.

 Kensley and I hanging out with the catcus

 More catcus...

 They also had a butterfly exhibit which was the best part.  We went into a greenhouse where butterflies were everywhere.  They would fly all around us and sometimes even land on us.  This was the favorite part of the day. The kids just loved it!  We went through twice. Too bad I didn't capture much of it.  

Monday, April 08, 2013

Sahuaro Ranch Park

A year ago my friend Aubrey and I took our kids to Sahuaro Ranch park.  Such a fun park with tons of space to explore, a few different playgrounds, cool settings for pictures and peacocks roam around! We took these pictures:

Then a couple of weeks ago, (almost exactly a year later) we went to the same park and took the same pictures!  We didn't even realize it until we were there taking pictures again!  How fun to see the difference a year can make.

 And now the younger siblings are in it too!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013


For the first time, we actually tried to teach Austin the true meaning of Easter.  It was pretty funny hearing him try to say "resurrected."  I'm not sure he really understood all of it but he was sure worried that Jesus died and was glad to know that he came back.  I didn't get any pictures of Easter Sunday (but sadly I didn't have anything matchy and new for them to wear anyway...) But I did get some pictures of the Easter Egg hunt we did at Matthew's school.   

 Don't be fooled by Kensley.  She is not quite walking yet, but she is sure close!  This was her standing for a minute.

Going through the goodies.  Kensley loves ducks and when Austin found one in one of his eggs, he gave it right to her. :)

Picture with the Easter bunny

For the first time since we have lived in AZ we went to the Mesa Temple Pageant.  We swapped with another couple to watch kids and made it a date night.  We picked up Cafe Rio on the way and ate on the lawn while it was waiting to start.  It was a great pageant and told of the life of Christ. It was a great presentation.

This was another egg hunt we went to.  I think we actually went to 3 this year!  Austin totally ran and searched for eggs but Kensley was content to pick up one egg, put it in her basket, pick it back out, open it and play with the candy inside.

I think in every single pictures my kids are majorly squinting.  Darn that bright AZ sun!  But as least we had a very nice and warm Easter weekend.