Saturday, January 26, 2008

Funny Now But Not at the Time

So my car does not do very well in the wintertime. It just really doesn't like the cold, especially because we do not have covered parking. So many days require scraping the car from ice and snow. Sometimes the doors will get frozen and will not open. (We have been late for church a few times because of this. One time we just decided that we were going to have to walk to church, luckily someone gave us a ride about half way there.) Sometimes, but not often, the driver side door will open just fine but then when you close it, it will just bounce back open. It won't latch together. Tuesday morning was one of those days. Usually when that happens I can just slam it a couple of times and it will close. But this time it didn't. I wasn't worried at first, cause eventually it always closes. So I just blasted the heat and waited for the car to heat up a little bit while I keep slamming this door..........20 minutes later the car door still will not close! By now I am getting very frusterated. I called Matthew realizing that he can't really do anything about it because he was already on the bus going to BYU campus. But I didn't know who else to call. He suggested to try and wiggle the latch in the door and was trying to describe to me what it should look like in order for the door to close. All this did was get my white gloves dirty. Then I saw my neighbor leaving his house so I asked him to take a look and his suggestion was that my car door was broken. Not helping!! By this time I had spend a half hour in my driveway and was on the verge of being late for work. I came to the conclusion that my only choice was to drive to my school holding my door closed. For the whole 30 minutes down the freeway, I had one hand on the steering wheel and one holding my door closed. Not a very fun drive. I was so scared the whole time my door would swing open. Once I got to school, I told my 6th graders the story and they thought it was halarious. By then I agreed with them and thought it was funny. But it certainly was very frusterating at the time. (Now when I leave in the mornings I choose to climb though the passengar door!)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

I'm an Aunt!

It was so nice that Matthew and I both had a long break from school and work. We had a really nice Christmas holiday. Here is a picture of our little Christmas tree. We spend Christmas morning sleeping in and enjoying time together. Later we went to my grandparents and spend the afternoon with cousins who were in town. The day after Christmas, my best friend from Texas came up and visited for a few days. I'm so glad she finally made it up to Utah! We had tons of fun talking, catching up and skiing! It also just so happens that she camethe day Jenna had her baby!! Perfect timing! So we spend a lot of time visiting Jenna and seeing Cade. He is so cute!! I'm an aunt! He is soo tiny I just want to squeeze him! Its fun seeing Jenna and Cole with a baby. For the next couple of weeks my mom is in town to help Jenna and to mainly see her first grandchild. Now I am back at school but I am at the half-way point of the school year, so its only down hill from here!