Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Austin's Birthday

Austin turned 5 last month!  I can't believe I have a five year old.  He was so excited for his birthday and kept asking for weeks when it was coming.  We had such a great day celebrating.

 He choose donuts for his birthday breakfast. 

He opened a present from us in the morning to help hold him over since we were waiting to open presents later during his party.  He loves to build things so these were perfect for him.

For his party we rented a bounce house.  It was perfect! We were worried it wouldn't  fit in our little backyard behind our townhome but it fit just fine and the kids loved it!  It was definitely a hit. 

 Of course Austin loved opening presents and got a great assortment of toys.

I think his favorite was the remote control car.  Just look at that face!

 He picked rainbow chip birthday cake and blew out all the candles in one big blow

 We also had water balloons and water guns to play with which worked out great.  At the end of the day Austin said, "Mom, that was a good birthday."   Thanks buddy, glad to know it was a success. :)

At age 5 Austin is still very obsessed with cars.   He now has his favorites which include corvettes, mustangs, lamborghinis, and cameros.  Typical boy!  He also likes to find these cars driving when we are out and about.  One day he asked me "Why don't we see any lamborghinis driving?"  Haha.  He is also really into airplanes and like to build airplanes with legos. 

He also is becoming more independent and wants to do things by himself.  It's great since my natural reaction is to try and help him with everything.  It's good to see him want to do things all on his own.  He is very curious and asks questions all the time.  He loves to be silly and make people laugh.  I can definitely see him as a future class clown.   He also has become a really good helper with Kensley.  He will make sure she has toys or help her reach something and is really sweet with her.  I love to watch them play together.   He really is a great big brother!