Thursday, April 30, 2015

Easter and Spring Break

Easter this year was pretty low key considering that Matthew missed all of it.  He had to work all day Saturday and Sunday.  So no family picture but we still were able to get some good ones of the kids and their cousins.

Love these kids!

 All the cousins on the Graff side of the family

We also did an Easter egg hunt with the cousins and had a great Easter dinner.  We spent most of the weekend watching General Conference, missing Matthew, and eating Easter candy.

Spring Break was the week right after Easter.  We didn't really have any major plans so we tried to do something fun every day.  Honestly I was worried about how I was going to keep my kids entertained for a whole week with no school, preschool, with Daddy working late every night and with me feeling huge/uncomfortable and lacking energy but we actually had a very enjoyable week and were able to do somethings that I had been wanting to for a while. These were the highlights:

We went to the Salt Lake Discovery Children's Museum.  I had a coupon to use and we loved it!  

 Austin's favorite thing was the construction site.  Kensley's was the play house and kitchen.

Another day we went to the Thanksgiving Point Children's Museum. They had a lot of really cool things there but honestly it was just way too crowded to even enjoy it.  Once we went outside to the Tulip Festival it was much more enjoyable.  We went with one of my cousins who just moved back to Utah and our kids had so much fun together.  We ended on the huge grassy hill and had a food truck dinner.

 The last day of spring break Jenna and Cole came into town for a few days.  We took all the kids to the Draper Aquarium.  These cousins love spending time together so it super fun.  

I found Kensley and Rylee dressed in princess dresses and reading books together. So cute!

Austin and Cade were collecting "nature" in their bags.

Now we are counting down days of school and days till our baby boy arrives!  I wonder which one will come first?