Thursday, September 10, 2015

The first Few Months...

Gavin is three months old now! Time just goes so fast.  His first few months of life have actually been a very hard adjustment for us all. Gavin has been nothing like my other two.  We definitely have had more challenges with him.  He had nursing issues which really stressed me out combined with lack of sleep and Matthew working until 11pm for the first month of his life = survival mode.  He also was a very colicy baby which I have never experienced before.  So needless to say I was just living hour to hour for the first few weeks.
One week old.

He also had jaundice pretty bad and had to lay under these lights for three days straight.  It's so hard not being able to hold and snuggle your newborn and to have to get his heel pricked every day for a week to check his bilirubin levels. So not fun!

The kids really have done a stellar job of adjusting.  They were totally neglected some as I was busy with the new baby, or pumping, or trying to take a quick nap while they were watching a movie.  But they love their new little brother so much.  Kensley has had some moments of tantrums and acting out but that is totally to be expected when you aren't the youngest anymore. They are also pretty good about not being too rough with him.  I've been impressed!

2 months old

 Taking a nap in Kensley's bed while we were cleaning up their room. 

They are helping to bounce Gavin while I made dinner.  They are such great helpers!

Three burrito babies! They always see me swaddle Gavin so they grabbed their blankets and wanted me to swaddle them as well. 

We are now past the newborn snuggly phase but we sure love this little Gavin guy.