Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Weekend with the Graffs

Last weekend we had lots of Graffs in town so we decided to all take off and go to Bear Lake, Utah for the weekend. I know wintertime isn't the best time to go to a lake, but we were just more interested in all being in the same place just hanging out. We went with Matthew's mom, Matthew's brothers: Brian, Dallin, and Ben, and his sister Aubrey. It was such a nice, relaxing weekend and Matthew's family is so fun to be with. Bear Lake was so pretty even though a lot of it was frozen over. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What A Wonderful Husband

This was our conversation in the car last night:

Me: So we really don't need to do anything huge for Valentine's Day. We could just go use our gift card that we have at Red Lobster.
Matthew: Ok.... but I already got you a gift.
Me: What?? Ok, how much can I spend on you now?
Matthew: Don't get me anything. No really.
Me: What?? I can't not get you a gift knowing you already got me something.
Matthew: Well I always think of Valentine's Day as the husband doing things for the wife.

I don't mind that mindset at all! :) What a wonderful husband!

In School Today...

My class loves to jump in with random comments no matter what we are talking about. Today we were talking about words that end in -ade and -aid and how they sound similar but are spelled differently. For example the words lemonade and mermaid. So I was having students come up with different example words that sound like these and we were deciding which spelling was correct. So one boy mentions the word "masquerade." Great vocab word. So we talked about the spelling and the meaning of the word. Then one girl piped up and mentioned, "That word reminds me of mascara." Then another boy said, "Oh yeah, isn't that the stuff that goes on your lips?" I just started laughing out loud. It was just so funny the way he said it. It was like he was thinking, 'Oh I totally know all those make-up terms and I am going to show you that I know them!' The class laughed along with me and I assured the boy we were not making fun of him. He also laughed and knew we meant no harm.

This reminded me of my friend Alisa's post about her husband not knowing what mascara was!!