Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Festivities

Happy Halloween! Here are pictures of us getting together to carve pumpkins with Matthew's sister and my sister! I was very impressed with Matthew's wolf pumpkin! I also have some pictures of what I dressed up as for Halloween to wear to school! I was Princess Giselle from the movie Enchanted. I didn't have exactly what she wore but it was close enough! Thanks to Ciera for letting me borrow her prom dress and to my cousin Laura for the big petticoat to make the dress poofy and huge! It was so fun to be dressed up all day!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Matthew loves to sing and act and has been in many musicals including lead parts in high school as well as a chorus part in BYU's production of The Music Man about 3 years ago. The musical that BYU is putting on this year is Thoroughly Modern Millie. Matthew's uncle is the director and mentioned to Matthew that they don't have very many males trying out. So last minute he decided to try out and. . . made it!! His part is a chorus dancer. He gets to sing and dance in several of the music numbers. Apparently he is a good dancer because the choreographer made him the dance captain! That just strikes me as really funny because I haven't really seen him dance all that much. But I've never seen him in a live production and am so excited to watch him! What is even more exciting is Matthew's cousin is the lead actress and her husband is the lead actor! How lucky for them! So if you are interested in coming to watch it, it's playing mid-end January and tickets are already on sale!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Door Contest

At work, we are using the month of October for Red Ribbon Month to support no drugs and no violence. We have been doing fun spirit things all month like hat day, crazy sock day, sweats day (my personal favorite) and others. On one of the day we had a door decorating contest. I decided to combine themes and do a Halloween/No Drugs arrangemenet. It was so fun. Thanks to Grandma Black for the cute witch template. My students had a lot of fun making them and were really creative. This year all the schools in my district have invested in a Cricut!! It was so fun making letters with it while my students were working. They thought it was about the coolest machine they had ever seen (I totally agreeded with them!) Anyway our work paid off and we ended up winning the door contest! Yay for my great students!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Its been really sad not having Jenna and Cole around to hang out with but around the same time they left we have had lots of other siblings move in! My little sister Ciera moved into the dorms at BYU to start her freshman year. Matthew's sister Aubrey and her husband moved to Provo so he can finish his engineering degree. And Matthew's brother Brian moved to Provo after coming home from his mission this summer! Its so nice to have lots of siblings around.

For the longest time, as far as siblings go, it has always been Jenna and me, Jenna and me. Which don't get me wrong was always so fun! (Even Matthew said, "Since Jenna left you don't seem to laugh as much.") So true! Jenna and I could always find something to laugh at! But now I am having new experiences with siblings. Ciera is so very different from Jenna but is so fun and very random!! I appropriate her individuality and Matthew and I try to hang out with her as much as possible. Lucky for Matthew, they get to eat lunch together at BYU so he sees her more than I do!

It has also been so nice to hang out the Matthew's siblings Aubrey and Brian. They are so fun and all three of them are pretty alike! Whenever all three of them are together they always have their inside family jokes and they just laugh and laugh. (Sometimes me and Jon, Aubrey's husband, are like what?? Why is that funny??) Its so fun to see them all together. We have been on triple dates quite a bit. So here are some pictures of us hanging out with siblings.

hanging out with Ciera and Brian

Matthew and Ciera playing video games. Can we tell who is winning?

Ciera and me shopping

campfire date: Brian and his girlfriend Elise

Jon and Aubrey

Matthew and I

Hanging out at Aubrey and Jon's apartment

Making cookies with Ciera!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Handbag Giveaway!

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fun Science Things

I have just finished teaching about the moon and its phases and here are a couple of fun things we did with it. First are pictures created by my class of the surface of the moon with a lunar rover on it! I had fun showing the class actual pictures off the internet of astronauts riding in a lunar rover on the moon. Next for their test on moon phases I gave each student a pack of Oreos and they had to correctly show me the phases in order! It was so fun. They agreed with me that this will be the funnest test they will ever take! Now on to the solar system!