Saturday, June 15, 2013

All Moved In

We made it to Utah! Those last few days in AZ were pretty crazy trying to get everything packed and ready to go but it's done.

My "helpers" while packing.

We are so grateful that Matthew's brother Ben was able to fly out and help pack and load the truck especially since Matthew had to work every day up until the night we packed the truck so I was grateful for the help.  Also, a huge thank you to friends who helped watch my kids while I got things done!
We now live in Cedar Hills, in the American Fork area, with Matthew's parents.  They have plenty of room for us which is so nice.  Matthew's sister Aubrey and her family live here in the basement too which has been so fun. We each have two kids and they are roughly the same ages so we have instant playmates!  However, soon after we we got here my kids got really bad colds. Like the worst they have ever had. Then I start feeling bad with a fever, chills, the worst headache ever and a sore throat.  With two miserable, sick children, I dragged myself to urgent care to find out I had strep.  Really?!  As least I could get antibiotics for it. But still we had 4 really horrible days with all of us sick out of our minds and sleepless nights of kids coughing up lungs. Worst. Days. Ever. Then the kids seemed to not be getting much better so I took them into the doctor and found out Austin had strep and Kensley had an ear infection. In one week we had 3 doctor trips, bought 4 medications and having just moved here, none of us have health insurance yet.  Did I also mention Matthew is out of town for the whole summer?  Yeah, it was a really rough week but the worse of it is over.  Not a fun way to start our year here, but things can only better now!
While we were not sick...
We went and got cupcakes for Aubrey's birthday this week. This place won the show Cupcake Wars from the Food Network and is minutes from our house!  They were so so yummy! Seriously the cutest place ever.
Kid picture: Kensley, Selina (Matthew's youngest sister), Austin, Aaron, and Declan.

First Sunday in Utah.  

Kensley at a park that is walking distance from our house

Getting some fresh, local tacos

 Found a beach in the middle of Utah.  My kids felt right at home. :)

It's funny how everyone keeps saying how hot it is here, but moving from AZ, it has felt so nice! We are loving the mild summer!