Sunday, August 16, 2009


I can't believe we have had Austin for a month already! He is so cute!! Austin hit 4 weeks yesterday and it seems that immediately we have seen some changes in Austin. First of all he has started drooling, second he is starting to spit up and last he is not sleeping nearly as well as he used to. Last night was the worst night we have had so far with Austin! I think Matthew and I each got about 3 hours of sleep. Well, Matthew's sister, Aubrey, has a sister-in-law who takes amazing pictures and offered to take some pictures of Austin. He was a week old at the time. They turned out so cute and I wanted to share! Thanks Jeannie!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Dental School

In the same week that Austin was born, Matthew also took the Dental Admissions Test. That was quite a stressful week for him. But he did well on the DAT and we are both very excited about that. Yes, he has decided to go to dental school. He has been debating for a long time on what he would like to do after he finishes his Masters degree and he has settled on dentistry. Actually he would like to specialize in orthodontics but dental school is the first step. So he has put in his applications to a variety of schools ranging from Boston to Washington State. We won't hear back from the schools for a couple of months, but we are just praying that we will be accepted into the school that will be right for us!
Since I have no fun pictures of dental school things, I guess I have to put up some picture of our cute little Austin!