Friday, October 05, 2012

8 Months

We love our little girl! She is 8 months now and has really developed a lot in the past weeks. She is a crawler now! She can now go anywhere she wants and loves to explore.  She somehow always finds the door stoppers and loves to "boing" them.  (You know, those little spiraly things on the baseboards that keep the door from banging into the wall behind it?)  She knows where every single one is in our house.  Austin thinks it's pretty funny.  She has barely been starting to pull herself up against things. However, this little girl won't sit up on her own!  I feel that is a little out of order but I guess she will get it sometime.

Kensley has gotten her first tooth in and I can feel another one coming in. Teething for her has been brutal. Way worse than with Austin,  I'm hoping the first tooth is the worst to go through.  She has finally started to sleep through the night but only about half of the time. We finally have her sharing a room with Austin.   They still wake each other up all the time but I'm hoping they will get used to one another.

Kensley just loves her brother to pieces.  As soon as she wakes up she looks for him.  She always wants to see what he is doing or to crawl over to him and "play" with him. Austin has been really good with her lately. He will get on the ground and crawl right next to her and tell me, "Look, two babies crawling!"  If he is playing cars he will give one to her to play with too. We definitely still have our moments but I can tell they are going to be good friends.
Exploring and getting into things:

Really wanting my camera

 Posing after lunch

 We went to the Children's Museum and she was able to really play with things instead of just sitting in the stroller for most of the time. 

We all just adore this little girl!