Friday, July 26, 2013

Birthday Boy

My Austin turned 4 last week on July 18th. I have a 4-year old! He was very excited about his birthday and asked for days if it was his birthday yet.  In the morning we went to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake.  Austin was able to pick out a special birthday prize at the gift shop and we let him decide which animals we should go see. At the bird show we went to he was picked to help feed some birds right out of his hands.  He was so brave, it was a big bird.  So cute to see him standing up there in front of everyone.  After the zoo, we made cupcakes at home and had a little family party in the evening and opened presents.  It was such a great day.  So good that now he keeps giving me ideas to use for his next birthday. :)

Kensley and I watching Austin help during the bird show at the Zoo.

Austin helping feed a bird during the show. 

Eating pizza at his party

Singing Happy Birthday! This is a classic face for him when he is the center of attention or is embarrassed. 

Austin opening presents, Kensley eating presents.

He is such a fun little boy and we are sure blessed to have him.  These are the things that I want to remember about Austin right now:
-He still LOVES cars and trucks.  He could play with them all day long and frequently does.
-He is also really into rocket ships, submarines and airplanes.
-He loves playing with friends.  He is kind of having a hard time with not having all his AZ friends to play with. He had so many friends there! Thank goodness for his little cousin Aaron, who we live with. Those two play so well together.  We haven't really made any new friends yet which is why we didn't have a friends party.  He has a big primary class but has had a hard time going to primary since we moved here.  He doesn't enjoy being the new kid and not knowing anyone.  Every week I am the mom with the screaming kid in the hall.  Not fun.  But it makes me so sad that he is having a hard time adjusting.
-He has gotten really into legos.  He loves to create and recreate anything that drives.  He got some for his birthday that he plays with non-stop.
-He is so good with Kensley. He loves his little sister and tells her all the time.  He loves to give her hugs but also wishes she could wrestle with him. :)  His is very helpful with her and is an awesome big brother.
-He has become a VERY picky eater which ha been frustrating but his favorite foods are macaroni, donuts, waffles, apples, and and type of treat.  He picked donuts as his birthday breakfast.
-Austin is still very much a Mama's boy.  He wants me in sight all the time.
-It seems like Austin really cares about being funny.  He really wants to make people laugh and is always being silly and goofy.
-I just love this little dude so much!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

4th of July

We started off the 4th really early in the morning this year.  In Provo, they were doing a big balloon festival where you can watch all the balloons fill up from the ground and I thought my kids would love to see it but it started at 6:30am. I thought it would be worth it and I really wanted to do something cool this year so I decided to wake my kids up at 5:45 and go.  My plan was to stop by this cute bakery across from the balloons to get cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Well as soon as we drive up I realize there are no balloons being filled up.  It was really overcast and a little windy and it turns out they cancelled it due to weather.  So really, I woke my kids up for nothing.  I was very bummed the kids didn't get to enjoy the balloons. Then we head over to the bakery and it's closed.  So much for my fun holiday plans.  Well we were all starving and headed over to the local Denny's to decide what to do.   It was crazy packed in there.  Everyone  had come to see the balloons and then everyone's plan B was to come to Denny's.  It took forever but finally we were all fed and a little more happy.  But then the Provo Parade was about to start which we weren't planning on going to but I wanted to do something festive so we found a spot and stayed.    I'm so glad I had a stroller and lawn chairs in my car.  The kids loved the parade and it ended up being a fun morning. 

In the afternoon we went swimming at a neighbor's pool and had a very yummy bbq with Matthew's extended family.  In the evening we let the kids do sparklers since they were going to be long asleep before real fireworks started.   Austin was a little hesitant at first but as soon has he watched his cousin Aaron do it he was all in.  
Nonna got all the grandkids matching outfits.

Even though it started rough it turned out to be a great day.  Later that night we watch fireworks from our back porch. Since the house sits a little higher on the mountain we had a great view of everyone else's fireworks.  It was pretty cool. They just kept going and going until very late! Fun way to end the day. 

Friday, July 05, 2013

Visiting Matthew

My birthday was last week and I turned 28.  Sure don't like being that close to 30!  However on my birthday I was able to fly out and go visit Matthew.  Matthew has been in Rhode Island the whole month of June and then will be in Virginia the whole month of July.  It was kinda funny when people on the airplane asked me where I was going and I would respond, "Oh I'm going to visit my husband."  And then I had to explain our situation.
 I should probably mention I went without kids!  My wonderful mother in law Sara and my sister in law Aubrey were so gracious and willing to watch my kids while I went.  They are so good with my kids that I was totally comfortable leaving them and knew they would have fun and be well taken care of.  I can't even explain how nice it was to travel without my sweet children!  Just little things like being able to read or sleep on an airplane instead of entertaining kids was just amazing!  Plus with a layover and about 9hrs total of travel time, it was heavenly to just worry about myself!
It was so nice to see Matthew!  This was our first trip without kids ever and we just couldn't get over how much freedom we had.  However I did feel bad for Matthew since he hasn't seen our kids in over a month now and he was really missing them.  The first two days, Matthew still had to put in 10-12 hour days at the hospital and he felt really bad that he was leaving me all alone at the hotel but really two days to myself to do whatever I want?  Yes, I will be just fine!   Both days I was able to work out and take a nap-- two things that kids make it hard to do.  One day I drove out to the Boston Temple.  It was over an hour away but I had plenty of time.  I love visiting other temples and especially when I am in an unfamiliar place by myself I loved the feeling of coming to such a place of beauty and comfort. The other day I spent some time in the Providence Mall.  It was seriously huge, like 5 levels huge, and I took my time shopping, and looking around.  So very fun!

Boston Temple

Me and the Atlantic

My view from inside the mall

Then on the weekend we made our way down to Virginia.  Oh my traffic!  We hit some really bad construction and congestion around New York City and a couple of other places along the way but I loved driving along the east coast and seeing the scenery.  And oh my toll bridges.  They were really cool to cross over but we probably spent over $40 just in tolls.
We stopped in Annapolis, MD to see my roommate Laura.  I never thought I would make it to the East Coast to visit her but this worked out perfectly. We were able to go on a date night with her and her husband and they showed us around the town and took us out for some awesome seafood and homemade ice-cream.  So fun to see her new house and cute kids too!

On our last day we were able to tour around Washington DC. I had never been there before so we decided to hit as many monuments as we could.  We first started out at the Arlington Cemetery.  It was huge and really neat but it suddenly started pouring rain on us. It was overcast but I didn't think it would pour.  We were in the middle of the cemetery with no where to take cover, no umbrella and I was wearing white pants.  We decided to just go with it since there was nothing we could do about it and I'm glad we did because we made it to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier just in time to see the changing of the guard which was really cool.

After that we rented bikes and rode all around DC looking around and taking pictures.  This was probably our favorite day of the trip since we got to be together the whole day doing fun touristy things.
Waiting for the DC metro

Martin Luther King Monument

 "Holding" the Washington Monument :)

Lincoln Monument

White House

Bikes. I was only a spaz on it a couple of times :)

This was such a fun and needed trip for both of us.  Matthew is working so hard at the hospitals and has such long, long days.  And for me it's so hard knowing that my husband is not coming home tonight, night after night.  But this trip has given us a little break from both of our daily responsibilities and real life.  Loved it!