Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Time in TX

We have finished our 3 months of rotation in TX and are now back in Utah for our last set of rotations before graduation. The end is finally in site!  We loved our time in TX though.  My parents were so gracious to let our family stay with them and we are so grateful.  Here are a few of the things we did the last couple weeks while staying there:

My dad and I ran the Cowtown 10K in Fort Worth.  It was such a great race.  My dad is the best running buddy.  We both made our running goal to run 8:00 minute miles. 

Kensley got her first haircut. We didn't cut off much, just a trim at the bottom to even it up. She was such a big girl about it too.

Morning waffles and cartoons, what could be better!

Found a fun way to put laundry away.  I filled up their carts and they raced to put it away in their drawers.  Win, win for everyone!

Coloring on the huge whiteboard in my parents' playhouse.  This was a must do activity whenever it was warm enough outside.

Mimi reading bedtime books on our last night there.

We went to the new natural history Museum in Dallas with my parents.

Kensley's favorite part of the museum was the farm/grocery store where she could put fruits and veggies in her basket.

Austin's favorite part was building dams in the river and floating boats down the river. 

Matthew's favorite activity during our stay in TX was shooting with my dad.  He went duck hunting a couple times, and skeet shooting several times.  Austin thought it was about the coolest thing ever too.  I love this picture of all the boys.

 I found Kensley had fallen asleep while reading a book during her nap. So cute!

I did some substituting while I was there and got to sub at my old high school a few times.  It was so fun to run into my sister Alyssa in the hallways!   

That was a random assortment of our time in Texas but we sure had a great time!