Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meeting Baby James

The kids and I decided to drive up to Idaho and visit new baby James.  Matthew has had the night shift at the hospital all month and usually the kids will accidentally wake him up during the day while he is sleeping so it was a great win-win for all of us.  
We are all in love with sweet baby James! He is still so tiny! He is about 6 weeks old. Kensley was especially smitten. She constantly wanted to hold him and rub his head. :)

It was great for Jenna's kids to have a distraction from their mom being occupied by a new baby.  The cousins had soo much fun together.
All the cousins hanging out together!

These girls share a love of reading!

 Dancing to the Frozen soundtrack

 Playing at the park

Reading books together

 Talking to Mimi (my mom) on facetime

On Saturday Cole took Cade and Austin on a hike.  I love the pictures they took!  

On Sunday we took a walk around the Rexburg, ID temple.  It was such a beautiful day and so windy.  We nearly got blown away.  It actually scared Kensley so I had to take her back to the car.  But we got some cute pictures of the kids.

 Crazy pose

Girls in their matching skirts


 Twin picture with the beautiful temple

 Holding baby James

It was such a fun trip!  Living only 4 hours away from each other is so perfect!  Many more trips to come.