Tuesday, January 25, 2011

18 months

Austin just turned 18 months this past week.  We just love this little boy so much and can't believe we have a toddler now instead of a little baby!  He got to go to nursery this week at church for the first time. He loved it!  He just went right in and started playing.  Once he saw us leave he was a little sad but was distracted easily.  I spied on him a couple of times and he was reading books with everyone and having a great time.  I have to say that I also had a great Sunday being able to sit through all the meetings and actually hear the lessons.

Here are the other things we are loving about Austin:
-He is very expressive and has a very outgoing personality
-Still loves to cuddle with me and give hugs and kisses
-Loves to run in big open places
-Is becoming less picky with foods and is really good at feeding himself
-Sleeps through the night with one nap during the day
-Is in the 80 percentile for height and weight
-He babbles and talks all day long but can only say a handful of words
-Loves to help me with everything especially if its anything to do with cooking
-Copies things I do such as putting on makeup, putting on shoes, or cleaning things.
-Very social with other kids and loves to give hugs to babies
-Loves to read books and sing songs
-Bubbles are his  favorite thing in the world
-Could spend all day outside if I would let him.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Austin loves to help with whatever I am doing especially if it involves anything in the kitchen.  This is how Austin "helped" me cook the other day.

I lost half my basil seasoning in the process but look how happy he was!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lemons into Lemonade

Usually this saying implies something negative somehow being turned around into something positive. But for us today it is quite literal.  We went and picked  lemons today and there were so many we could have lemonade for months!  It was such a beautiful day, about 68 degrees and sunny.  There is an orchard right on campus where Matthew goes to school and so we went as a play date to pick oranges and lemons.  Austin loved running around, picking fruit, finding sticks, and playing in the dirt. 

There was also a huge tractor just sitting there which Austin absolutely loved exploring.  I have a feeling our winter, if you can even call it that, has ended and that it just is going to heat up from here on.  I would love this weather all year round. My kitchen now smells very citrus-y!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Wellness Challenge 2011

I'm not sure what I have gotten myself into! As kind of an impulse decision, I signed up for a wellness challenge to start the new year off right.  It is kind of intense and I am afraid it's going to kick my butt.  But I am also excited to try it and see how it goes.  There is money prizes at stake as well so that helps with motivation  I suckered Matthew into doing it with me and at least we can struggle together!  In the challenge you can earn up to 10 points every day for the following things:
1 point each for:
-7 hours of sleep (naps count too)
- 48 oz of water
- 45 minutes of exercise
- 2 servings of fruits, 2 servings of veggies
- No soda, beer, wine, or unhealthy snacks
- No sweets. (Desserts, pastries, sugary snacks and cereals)
-No eating after dinner or 8pm
- 15 minutes of scripture reading
- One journal entry (any length)
- One act of kindness

Some of these things won't be a problem for me like soda and sleep.  I think my challenges will be exercising every day (mostly because I will have to do it early in the morning or late at night), 48 oz of water--that's a lot of water!, and lets be honest, the no sweets things is going to be the hardest!  I love a little treat after dinner--or in the afternoon.  Oh and the journal entry every day will be tough.  There will probably be a lot more small postings on the blog as I count this as somewhat journaling :)
Wish me luck! This is what I will be doing for the next 12 weeks!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Christmas Time

We were in Salt Lake for Christmas this year with Matthew's family.  Austin met so many new family members and did surprisingly well at recognizing everyone.  We had a great time and loved the time to spend with family that we don't see as often as we would like.  Despite the flu bug getting to just about everyone we had an overall great trip.
Austin loves opening presents.  I think it was mostly the ripping paper part that appealed to him but he also loves his new toys. Here is Austin Christmas morning:

We got to spend lots of time with cousins while in Utah. We got to meet Aaron for the first time.  We moved away just days before he was born and finally we are able to meet!  Austin and Aaron were so handsome in matching church outfits.
Jenna and Cole were also in Utah during Christmas. So we were able to get some quality cousin time.

Austin with all his cousins

It snowed! Austin was a little confused about what all the snow was about but he loved sledding and playing in it.
Sledding with Matthew's little sisters and cousin Aaron

Last of all here are a random assortment of pictures from Christmas of us having fun and hanging out.
Playing Just Dance 2.   LOVE this game!

bowling with the sisters-in-law

Matthew is still on crutches and couldn't bowl so he hung out with Aaron instead

taking a bath in the sink

Dancing with Grandpa. Austin calls him "pa"

donuts on New Year's Eve

Riding with "Nona"