Sunday, March 08, 2015

Us Lately

Since the beginning of the year Matthew has been slammed with work.  He has had a couple of rough months in residency.  He has been working about 70 hour weeks since the beginning of January.  He has been on-call a few different weekends and has spent a few nights sleeping at the hospital.  We knew it was going to be a rough couple of months but man, it sure hit hard. March is a little lighter month for him but April, May and June will also be quite rough.  Oh, perfect timing to have a baby! 

I have also never seen Matthew so sick before.  Usually he never gets sick but with the intense schedule and stress at work his body hasn't been about to keep up.  One morning when he was home sick, Kensley decided that if she read him some books, he might feel better!

The kids and I have been trying to keep ourselves busy this winter doing inside things.  One morning they decided to put swimsuits on and do some "cleaning" at the kitchen sink.

"Look Mom, my cheese is a race car!"  Everything he eats somehow turns into a plane, car or boat. 

When Matthew does get home, he is immediately tackled.

We've done lots of painting this winter.  I can't believe how grown-up Austin looks here!

If I can't see or hear Kensley playing, then she is usually sitting with a pile of books reading. This day she was reading to the bear. 

I got a new straighter for Christmas this year and Kensley really wanted me to try it on her hair one Sunday.  It's so long when it's straight!

Austin took this picture for me to document that I am indeed getting bigger.  I am 26 weeks along. When I looked at the picture after he took it I had the immediate thought that I definitely feel a lot bigger than I am! I guess everyone feels that way when pregnant.  But everything is going pretty good besides heartburn and getting more and more uncomfortable but just normal things. 

On the few days that it's been warm enough to be outside we have gotten together with cousins to jump on the trampoline or play at the park.  Check out Kensley's awesome trampoline hair.

I love coming to Austin's school to volunteer or help. (When I was teaching I always appreciated parents that came in to help so I want to be one of those parents as well!)  I also LOVE spying on Austin and seeing him in the classroom environment. It's a win-win. :)  This time I was helping with the 100th Day of School party.  Kensley is in the background participating in one of the activities. 

In January I joined a mommy preschool group for Kensley.  We rotate whose house it's at and it's been so great for Kensley. It's nice to have something for her to participate in and to make new friends.

That's a little bit of what we have been doing this winter.


Nancy said...

LOVE those pictures!! Miss those kids!

Aubrey said...

It's really funny that you think you are big, because I look at that picture and think you hardly look that far along!! Austin looks like he has so much fun in school- I'm sure your happy with your decision to put him in! Kensley's personality with reading a lot and liking girly things, kinda reminds me of they have similar personalities? I need to call you again and catch up! Addie's spring break is this week so I'll try and call!! So excited for your newest little Graff to arrive!!!