Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Oh my, I am so behind!!  But I am determined to catch up!

A couple weeks before Halloween we decided to make a last minute trip to Idaho to visit Jenna's family.  Matthew was out of town that weekend and Jenna's husband was also out of town so we were glad to keep each other company.  The kids sure had a blast. They just eat up cousin time whenever they can.

We went to this cute little pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins

After we brought them home we painted them. We like to paint as opposed to carve!  I love their focused faces!

We decided to do a family batman theme this year. It was so fun! We dressed up to go to the Allens annual Halloween party. It was complete with a chili dinner and decorating sugar cookies. 

Happy Halloween from Cat Woman, Robin, Batman, Bat Girl, and baby Joker

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