Friday, August 21, 2015

Austin Turns 6

Austin is just getting so big so fast!  He has been looking forward to his birthday for months so we was so excited to have it finally come.   With a new baby and a very sleep deprived mom, we opted for a family party this year.  We went to Chuck-E-Cheese.  Austin LOVED it and had such a fun time.  At the end of the day he said that was the best day ever (yay!).

He kept saying things all day like "I'm stronger now that I'm 6." So he felt like he should be able to spread his own sprinkles on his cake... good job dude!

Austin is such a great older brother. He is so very helpful and if he sees a need he is the first one just jump up and help.  He still loves to play with cars and trucks and also loves building with legos. He will be starting 1st grade this fall!

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Leslie Elaine said...

Happy birthday Austin! He's getting so big! We went to Chuck E Cheese for Liam's b-day too, I never went there as a kid but it is a lot of fun.