Saturday, May 28, 2011

Phoenix Zoo

A couple weeks ago we went to the Phoenix Zoo with some friends.  It was nice to go when it wasn't so miserably hot yet.  It was our first time there and we had such a good time. I think Austin's favorite animals were the flamingos, pelicans and snakes.This was Austin's reaction to the elephants:
 I think they were a lot bigger than pictures of elephants he has seen in books!

While we were there, I ran into my friend Megan!  We were in the same major at BYU and had several classes together.  We live just far enough away that we hadn't gotten together since I moved to AZ so it was so fun to see her.  We both have boys named Austin!

The two other boys that came with us also had blond hair making them look like triplets! These little boys were so cute together.  They would hold hands, copy each other and laugh together.
So yes, I realize I actually have no pictures of the animals we saw, but we really did go to the Zoo!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Easter Pictures

My very talented friend took some Easter pictures of Austin in all his Sunday cuteness.   I wanted Austin to have something new to wear on Easter so I made him a little bow tie with matching suspenders. 

 Of course Dad had to have a matching bow tie!

I love how they turned out! Thanks Jessy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


In Matthew's podiatry program they have had an ongoing competition on who can do the most and best looking sutures (stitches).  This has been great practice for when he will have to stitch up patients after surgery.  The 8 remaining competitors went into the finale where they were suited up, gloved and looked really like doctors!  They even put vasaline  all over their gloves to simulate real surgery.  Here is Matthew all ready to go. 

 They stitched on pieces of felt and were judged on technique, spacing, and how many suters they could do in a 3 minute time period.  They competed two at a time and soon went down to 4 people remaining, 2 people remaining and guess who won the whole competition? Yes, Matthew won 1st place!  Woo hoo!  I was a very proud wife.  This is while he was stitching for the win.

  Austin was a champ the whole time but he didn't recognize Daddy with all his gear on.

Here is Matthew with his stitches on the clipboard and his prize, an Ipod touch!
My husband is a suture champ!