Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Christmas 2015

We stayed local for Christmas this year and had a great but soo busy holiday season.  Christmas morning is so fun with kids!!  Kensley has had her eye on these red shoes for weeks and talked about them every day and was so happy when Santa brought them.

Gavin didn't know what was going on Christmas morning but our little jolly guy turned 6 months during the holidays.

Austin really watched Toy Story and has been asking for a Buzz Lightyear ever since.  Santa found one for him!

Our city has a tradition where they turn a park into a park of lights.  Every tree is fully lighted in a different color.  In the middle of the park is this huge tree that they cover with white lights and it is nicknamed The Tree of Life.  It's pretty cool and the kids remembered it from last year so we had to make a stop again this year.

Other festivities included a ward breakfast, letters to Santa (since we didn't get to visit him in person this year) and decorating gingerbread houses with our neighbors.  

Friday, January 08, 2016

Kensley's Dance Recital

 Kensley had her first dance recital!  She started dance for the first time this fall and it's been so good for her. Since she's not doing preschool this year she is mostly at home all day and really needed something to call her own.  She has loved it and is really good at it!  She definitely goes to class to dance and not to socialize.  She carefully watches the teacher and tries to do exactly the same thing. I love going to watch her class.

She is in the black leotard

She was really nervous about her recital on a big stage.  But she was super excited to wear her costume and makeup!  I was so impressed with how she did! She totally rocked it and was very proud of herself.

Showing us one of her plies 

Cutest little dancer!