Monday, February 02, 2015

Kensley's Birthday

Kensley's birthday was at the end of January and she is now 3! She was very excited to have a princess party this year.  So we invited a few little girls over and instructed them to wear their princess dresses. They were all so cute.  We  had a very simple party that included decorating wands and crowns, coloring princess pages. princess stamps, cupcakes and time to play.  Austin didn't want to be left out so he joined in on everything and loved being a part of it!

Kensley is a girly- girl to the max! She always wants to have her nails painted and I can't pull out my lip gloss without her begging for some too.  She always wants to dance to music and has to be wearing a skirt when she dances.  She loves to draw princesses, especially Rapunzel with really long hair.  She is very sweet but can also be very stubborn.  We love her so much!